Thrilling River Rafting Experience In Leh Ladakh Must Try

January 3, 2019 Off By Beatrice Curtis

River rafting in Leh Ladakh kindle thrill like no other. On the lap of Himalayas, the difficult landscape has two swift rivers- Indus River and Zanskar River with thrilling rapids, perfect for river rafting. The gorgeous landscape of Ladakh adds to the delight of rafting. The colourful friary,  cliff mountains, ancient gorge formed by the river, the freezing waters, chilly winds and unrivalled thrill, all make rafting experience in Ladakh that you do not easily forget.

river rafting in Leh Ladakh

Indus River Rafting :
Indus River flows from north-west to south-east Ladakh, locally known as the Single Khababs. In Tibet it originating in the Mansarovar Lake near the Kailash Mountain, the river gets frozen in the winter season and river flows vigorously during the month June to late August which is also the best time for adventure sport for rafting. The river rafting journey on Indus lasts for one to five days.
 Level of Rapid on the river found are generally of I and II grades and at some places a grade III to grade V rapids.

River Rafting on Zanskar River :
Indus River north-flowing feeder is Zanskar River, perfect for excite river rafting in Ladakh. Winters Frozen, Zanskar is famous for the frozen Chadar trek, but in the summers and the monsoon, the river has a swift flow. The hampered adventure route is mostly up to the confluence of Indus and  Zanskar. There are a lot of unbending on the river blessed with grade II to V rapids that includes Nimmo, Upper Nimmo, Alchi, Big Water ‘Chilling’, Zangla and Major Surprise.

Type of Rapid:

River rafting will give you nerve thrilling experience by taking you through different levels of grades. While here you will be facing following grade levels:

Grade II: Get ready to your skate raft through rough waters. Bring together your team and start prep up with all the safety measures as while paddling through these grades you might need to work on your steer technique because the exploit is just about to get a little rough from here.

Grade III: When you go into this level, you will be welcomed by furious white water.  Strengthen yourself as you are likely to meet unexpected drops. Bash the small waves rising high in order to lead forward without any tumbling. While going through these grades, make sure you have a better idea planned in mind – gather your team for a thrilling, adventure rafting experience.

Travel Tips

(1)  Plan your trip and book your ticket in advance as it is usually packed.
(2) Reach before the arrival time so that you have very less waiting time.
(3)  Wear comfortable clothes during your rafting and don’t carry anything with you. And also don’t wear any piece of jewellery, watches, specs, etc from your body. All pockets should be empty.
(4) If you have epilepsy, high blood pressure, diabetes, heart condition, a neurological disorder, or pregnant is advised that you don’t attempt the rafting.

Safety Measure:
People who have certain medical conditions should not go river rafting. River Rafting companies make you sign a release that includes a list of these conditions. You should get clearance from your doctor if you have back problems, breathing issues such as asthma, blood pressure that is too low or too high, heart problems, circulatory diseases or head injuries. Pregnant ladies are not allowed to go rafting.

When rafting the cold breeze just passed through your body, it leaves you wondering about awesome God’s creation. While rafting through the boat, singing loud in groups, plucking out wild berries, shouting with excitement, feeding on them with fun, competing with other boats, somehow you will feel like wow that you discover something new about yourself. Should try once in your lifetime.