Famous temples of east coast road You Must Visit With Family

Famous temples of east coast road You Must Visit With Family

December 5, 2018 Off By Beatrice Curtis

The east coast road on Chennai is known for being a great place to enjoy a romantic drive. The east coast road on Chennai is probably Paradise that every Rider or driver looks forward to. Maybe it is a bit crowded until the first junction from Thiruvanmiyur but after that, the place acquires a charm that is so unlike Chennai. The traffic is almost Nil and you can ride your bike or Drive your car in speed that could be considered quite comfortable, let’s say, above 80 kmph.

Driving or riding on the east coast road in itself is quite a meditative and immersive experience. You feel the zen as soon as you hit the free roads of ECR. Once you cross the Kovalam Area on the east coast road, you will be created by the infinite blue on your left as you go towards Mahabalipuram. This is the site that everybody would love to enjoy, writing or driving with the beach on the side of the road.

With so much to offer, people might not think about the other aspects of the east coast road. However, east coast road is also famous for a lot of other things. The east coast road has some of the best restaurants in Chennai including but not limited to gossip Bistro, Basera, Drizzle, and the God ka Cafe. There are a lot of Beach Resorts that you can find all through the stretch right from Thiruvanmiyur until Pondicherry. Some places in ECR like the blue Beach Road features houses that are palatial and magnificent.

In all of this, ECR also has another uncanny attraction. ECR also features a couple of temples that can be considered some of the most famous in Chennai.

Let us look at a few temples that could be considered the most famous on the east coast road.

Iskcon Temple : 


The first few cities that hit our minds when we say Iskcon temple is probably Pune and Bangalore. However, Chennai also has its own share of pride in having one of the most beautiful ISKCON temples. These temples are a result of the Hare Krishna Hare Rama movement that happened in the 1970 and the Institute of Krishna consciousness or are called as we say it, built a lot of temples dedicated to Lord Krishna.

Unlike the grassroots level practice of Hinduism, this one advocate of free lifestyle. There is no better place to talk about a free Lifestyle than a road that is always blessed with a cool sea breeze. The Iskcon temple on ECR is a great place for you to unwind and just kill some peaceful time even if not for a religious connotation. No wonder, you will always see people but not crowds there. This is precisely what the temple is known for.

Devotees of Lord Krishna consider this Temple quite auspicious. During the days like Janmashtami and Diwali, this Temple acquires quite a touch of celebration. This is one of the temples that you should never miss out when you are on a pilgrimage to Chennai.

Shirdi Sai Baba temple at Injambakkam :


It is not just with the Iskcon temple that east coast road and Pune share a similarity. Even the Sai Baba temple in the place called Injambakkam on east coast road is quite famous. This Temple, as the name implies, is dedicated to Sai Baba of Shirdi who was considered to be a God-man who lived among the people.

One of the attractions in the Shirdi Sai Baba temple is the eternal fire that Sai Baba started when people did not have anything to eat and they also did not have any means to light the fire. This Temple, Like many other Sai Baba temple, is a place of extreme peacefulness and you could enjoy a walk in the temple premises and look at the different places inside the temple that have their own story to tell.

This place is quite accessible and has a lavish car and bike parking facility. Although the most famous Sai Baba temple might be located in the heart of the city at Mylapore, this one caters to the new age Chennai which is centered not at Anna Salai but more at Velachery.

Chennai is one City that will never let go of its spiritual roots however modern it may become. That is why you will see people playing Carnatic music on iPad. When it comes to places like the east coast road which is a relatively new and modern suburb of Chennai, the dedication and the commitment that people give towards the religion and their Gods is considered quite important. The temples of the east coast road sand as living and breathing testimonies to the commitment that Chennai has towards religion, culture, and tradition!