Famous Temples In Jaipur You Must Visit For Finding Yourself

Famous Temples In Jaipur You Must Visit For Finding Yourself

December 6, 2018 Off By Beatrice Curtis

Jaipur is the capital of the Rajputs and the current capital of Rajasthan. The Rajputs are thought to be deeply religious and they are embraced Hinduism as if it was a religion that they created. The commitment that the Rajputs head towards Hinduism is best felt in the temples that you can find around Jaipur.

These temples are dedicated to various Gods and deities and they were built during different periods. There are temples that were built way back in the 11th century and there are also temples that were built as recent as the year 1988. Let us look at a few temples that you can find in and in the vicinity of Jaipur point

Galtaji temple :


This temple is an ancient Temple that is situated at about 10 km from Jaipur and it is more of a temple complex that consists of multiple temples. This Temple also has sacred water tanks which were an essential feature of many temples in the entire stretch of the subcontinent.

In addition to serving as the place where you literally cleanse yourself before approaching god, it also serves the purpose of saving water in a desert region like Rajasthan by providing a common bearing space without people getting disgusted about it since it involves God.

The temple has multiple Gods like Balaji and Surya. There is also a temple called the Ram Gopal Ji temple which is also known as the monkey temple going to a large number of monkeys living in here. The Makar Sankranti which is the North Indian Equivalent of Pongal is celebrated quite exorbitantly in this Temple.

Birla Mandir :

Birla Mandir Temple

The Birla Mandir is not probably and attraction exclusive to Jaipur. Almost every city has a Birla Mandir that was built by the Indian Millionaire Birla with his money. In Jaipur, this temple is situated on an elevated place at the foothills of the Moti doongari Hills in Jaipur.

It was built in the year 1988 and looks quite new with all its Spotless marble exteriors. This temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu who is responsible for protection and Goddess Lakshmi who is responsible for wealth. The lighting of this temple in the night is quite a lavish thing to look at and is surrounded by a lot of gardens.

Sheela Devi Temple :

Sheela Devi

Sheela in Sanskrit means garland. This temple is located inside the Amber fort and is dedicated to Goddess Durga. The idol of Goddess Durga was brought from Calcutta and to be specific, from jassur by Raja Mansingh and he consecrated the idol in its current place.

Just like the Durga counterpart in Calcutta, the Navaratri is thought to be a famous festival here and people from all over the city of Jaipur come to this temple to offer their prayers and praises.

Govind Dev Ji temple :

Govind Dev Temple

As the name implies, Govind Dev Ji temple is a temple that is dedicated to Lord Krishna and is an integral part of the city complex. Just like the Durga temple Idol was brought from Calcutta, the Krishna temple Idol was brought from the Vrindavan by Raja Sawai Jai Singh who was an ardent devotee of Krishna and Hinduism. This Temple takes part in all the celebrations of Hinduism all throughout the year including Ram Navami, Janmashtami, Navratri Diwali, Kartika Purnima and a lot more.

Kanak Vrindavan :Kanak Vrindavan temple

The Kanak Vrindavan is originally a garden and is located on the way to the Amber Fort. However, it is not the garden that takes priority but the temple dedicated to Lord Krishna. There are instances where people go to this Garden exclusively for visiting the temple dedicated to Lord Krishna.

Moti Dungri Temple :

Dungri TempleMoti Dungri temple is a temple dedicated to Lord Ganesha and was built in the 18th century by Seth Jai Ram Paliwal. It is situated on the top of a small hill and has amazing Gardens and surroundings including that of a palace. The temple is an important center of worship for the devotees of Lord Ganesha and is a place that many devotees from all over Jaipur love to worship in!

Tejaji Mandir :

Tejaji Mandir TempleAlthough traditionally Tejaji signifies Lord Shiva this temple is dedicated to a local folk God called Veer Teja. The Legacy of this Temple says that Veer Teja was born to a Jatt family and he was as a result of blessings from the Nagas. People from all over Jaipur love to visit this place.

An important thing that is signified by the presence of this temple is that the people of Jaipur were not always confined to the mainstream Gods of Hinduism but also had their own local Gods as much as there are Ayyanaars in Tamilnadu.

Neelkanth Mahadev temple :

NeelkanthNeelkanth Mahadev as the name implies is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is situated right in the city of Jaipur. Lord Shiva is worshipped as a Shiva Lingam along with other Gods like Goddess Parvati, Hanuman and the Bull called Nandi.

Ganesh Mandir at Nahargarh Fort :

Ganesh Mandir

While this Temple might not have a great significance as a place of architectural excellence, this one goes to prove that even Forts that were built for me or utility of protecting the city also had something to do with the Gods. The Ganesh Mandir is always decorated with gold and silver ornaments and there are also idols of Riddhi and Siddhi who were Ganesha’s wives and Shubh and Labh, Ganesha’s sons and additionally, even Ganesha vehicle, the mooshik.

Needless to say, Jaipur has a lot of things that you can experience and enjoy but the presence of the temples in Jaipur gives a divine dimension to this place that makes it a very Holistic tourist destination. In addition to the present day, it also gives you an opportunity to reflect on the dedication and commitment that the kings of Jaipur head towards the religion, their Gods and the people who also needed a place of worship for them to attain peace tranquillity and prosperity!