Best Temples For Childless Couples Must Visit If You Want Child

Best Temples For Childless Couples Must Visit If You Want Child

January 2, 2019 Off By Beatrice Curtis

According to the Catholic Church, the wedding is considered to be one of the seven Holy sacraments. In India, the divine connotation of the wedding takes it to the next level. It is not just about an occasion that gets over in a day but happens for days together that involves a lot of people from the extended family, friends and relatives. It is almost a private celebration for that family that celebrates the wedding.

In India, one of the most important aspects of weddings is what happens after the wedding. There are a lot of people who start questioning the child of the couple. The cap given to them is precisely in the order of about 9 months to 1 year. The demand for a child is so much that there are couples who go into depression if not for the child at the right time. The abundance of fertility clinics that have sprung up in the recent past is quite a testimony to the demand and the way the things have changed in accordance with our lifestyles.

Whether or not the demands of the society can always be a thing of debate, but however, the hard truth is that the couples who get married are always in need for the child at least to satisfy the needs of their parents and the society. There are also couples who would like to enjoy the joy of parenting.

If everything in the Science field, you don’t have an option But to look after metaphysics. This is where the power of the Gods come in. Hinduism from are being quite a diverse and accepting religion with different Gods for different requirements, has dedicated temples that are exclusive for the couples who secret children after marriage.

These temples are thronged by many many devotees who trust more in God then in science. We have compiled a list of temples that specialise in granting children to childless couples.

Garbarakshambigai Temple at Thanjavur :


The name of this Temple literally means save you’re of the home. As the name implies, this temple is one of the most sought-after temples for childless couples. It is said that the geek that is received as a Prasad from this Temple has to be consumed with a normal key for 40 days and the chances of the couple getting pregnant are quite Hai. The main deity in this Temple is Lord Shiva and he contorts Parvati.

This temple is situated near Thanjavur which is quite famous for the brihadishwara temple, which is one of the most Shiva temples in India. There are a lot of temples in the proximity of Thanjavur, Kumbakonam and the surrounding areas that are dedicated to childless couples.

Karuvalarcheri Temple at Kumbakonam :


The names of the temples and literal meaning Salon will give the purpose of these temples the name of this Temple literally means the one that helps in the growth of the foetus. As the name implies, this Temple has a powerful goddess who is said to grant the couples the boon day wish for. In the Prasad in this temple is some turmeric that needs to be applied on the body every day and this is bound to give favourable results.

Golden Temple at Amritsar :

temples for childless couples

The wish for couples to have a child is not confined to any religion. Even the temples that are dedicated to religion outside Hinduism have their own values. The world’s most famous Gurdwara, the Golden Temple of Amritsar is also among the places that couples seek children. It is believed that the promise of the temple is filled with the holiness of the ten Gurus of Sikhism and they are bound to intercede with divine powers to bring about to pass whatever is in the minds of the couples.

Kamlesh Nath Temple Srinagar :

Temple Srinagar

The Kamlesh Nath Temple in Srinagar has thronged by thousands of devotees every year to seek the fructification of their married life. Maybe it is a subject matter of debate if children make the married life complete or not and if marriage at all is essential.

However, with the cultural affinity and the family values that a country like India upholds, it cannot be denied that children make up the essence of the bigger family. And if it is going to be so, it only makes sense for couples to invest their every energy in getting their next offspring and to let them become a thing of joy and celebration, not only for them but also for the entire family and the society that they are a part of!