Rapid  River Adrenaline Rafting in Nepal

Rapid River Adrenaline Rafting in Nepal

December 9, 2019 Off By Beatrice Curtis

When thinking about the place “Nepal” The first thing comes in your mind is Mount Everest. The rushing cold river from the Himalayas, which runs along the hard rocks and stones.  Did you ever imagine to go rafting in the Himalayan rivers? Rafting along with the speedy river really makes the new kind of feeling. Life is also an adventurous ride, this rafting surely adds some extra flavour to your ride!! Before going to this ride take and follow safety measures. Go with your family or friends while returning take only beautiful memories. It is the best place for adventure lover,  never stop your adventure at any point. It not only gives you the best feel also you can learn many things at each time. And it not just only about rafting, there are also many places to explore in Nepal like Temples and beautiful scenery around you!! The marvellous glimpses of scenery surely make you come again and again to Nepal!!

Best time to raft in Nepal:

The best month to raft in Nepal is September to December as well as late of March to April.

1. Sun Kosi River Rafting:

Sun Kosi River is born in one of the largest peaks in the world. Class III and Class Iv ride here. They allow one professional trainer along with you. And don’t be panic about the ride. But, this Sun Kosi River Rafting for adventure lover. This rafting will bring you to the jungle in-between. There is also a lot of monkeys coming to the side of the river shore. The first-time rider usually won’t see the sceneries around, rarely few of them may see those things. But it the one the best place to rafting with a lot of up and down twist, also you can view the amazing scenery out there. Journey to Nepal is a combination of all those of nature. 

2. Marshyangdi:

Here, you can simply sit and watch the beauty of the astonishing river. The colour of the flowing water is deep in white, the water hit the rocks and stones in between. The sounds are also too good to hear. Keep your daily routine and work asides. Plan your trip to nature lovely and god gifted nature place. Simply sit and view the beautiful scenery brings a refreshing feeling ever. Marshyangdi is the best spot to go rafting. Age restriction and health terms and conditions are also here.  With a lot of rapids here the entire rafting is awesome. Experience the rushing white water rafting feel you can take almost 10 days. Here, they follow and maintaining many safety and measures. Do follow their instruction and put the fear out there and step into the boat with your families.

3. Tamor River:

This river gives an incredible rafting experience. This river is “6th Largest river” in Nepal. This river en route to many beautiful villages. Rafting along with extraordinary scenery. Bring the nature lover in you and raft along with nature. It is one of the deepest and rocky river in Nepal. So, there is many twists and turns here. Have this beautiful rafting journey with your families and friends. Bring your adventure-loving friends along with you. Bring beautiful memories while returning.  The Himalayan river is crystal clear and spills chilling cold weather.

What to bring?

Lightweight warm cloth if you are camping overnight.
Sun Hat / Cap   
Sun Glasses
Waterproof sunblock lotion

Safety  Measures:

  1. Wear a personal flotation device and a life jacket.
  2. Make sure to wear correct outfit for the day. Always you should wear a comfortable dress during adventure activities.
  3. Hold the boat paddle properly.
  4. Never panic.
  5. Stay in the boat.
  6. Should pay attention to your guide during the safety talk and on the water.


You get fully spatter with cold water while navigating a tough rapid. The awesome feeling of keeping your balance among all the chaos and feeling unconquered after realizing that the rapid level is over but you are still in the raft. Don’t miss this breathtaking adventure ride.