Explore The Furious River Rafting In Shivpuri Should See

Explore The Furious River Rafting In Shivpuri Should See

January 31, 2019 Off By Beatrice Curtis

Shivpuri is located just 18 Kms from the famous Rishikesh City. Shivpuri houses several temples and ashrams which are devoted to the God Shiva. Shivpuri exactly means the home of Lord Shiva. Shivpuri is also recognised for its various camps and as the important River Rafting stop in Rishikesh. Shivpuri views a number of visitor movement day-in and day-out address its importance as the most natural opening duration.  This trip can be experienced by families, college groups,  friends, corporate groups and everyone aged 14 years and over. This rafting trip is a courageous experience and few hazardous compared to other river rafting tours in Rishikesh.

River Rafting from Shivpuri:

River Rafting In Shivpuri

Shivpuri is generally recognised as the hub of River Rafting in Rishikesh. Fun throughout rafting from Shivpuri It is the origin point of the most asked after River Rafting tour in North India. Rafting from Shivpuri is the Standard and common typical River Rafting range in Rishikesh. Rafting from Shivpuri to Laxman Jhula is a 16 km rafting range and includes any of the various impressive Grade III, IV Rapids in almost 3 hours. This courageous trip includes exciting rapids like the golf course, clubhouse, roller coaster,  etc. and activities like Body surfing and Cliff jumping also.

Shivpuri Camps:


Shivpuri is important as the key starting point of the River rafting in Rishikesh. But as remote as Shivpuri camps are involved, barring a few, maximum of the camps here fall little of tourists primary expectations. Camps here are remarkably fundamental in nature and campsites are too narrow up with largest of the camps placed right next to each other. Shivpuri compounds are too crowded particularly on weekends when all of these campsites are sold out.

Best time to visit:

Shivpuri river rafting location is famous for adults and young alike. We have practised river rafting leads beside that we suggest choosing river rafting according to your own ability. Shivpuri river rafting offers 16 km rafting till Rishikesh wherever you will face main exciting rapids like Gold Course, Roller Coaster, Return to Sender,  and Club House. You can submit anytime between  September-June for Shivpuri rafting. Shivpuri river rafting is extremely fit for characters of age between 18 years to 40 years.

Grades in Shivpuri:

This range allows rapids of moderate complexity level. The rapids are of Grade II and III and can get the beam to skip a heartbeat. This neither too light nor very unfortunate stretch is perfect for second timers. Externally a doubt, Shivpuri to Rishikesh range provides an intriguing amalgamation of fun and entertainment to the exploit enthusiast.

Rishikesh is ideal for rock climbing, rafting and rappelling. The camping places present a very wonderful stretch of mountain and river. The landscape is looking great during sunrise and sunset. Do want to have a pleasant and adventurous ride then must visit with friends for locating very. Have a wonderful spectacle of the luminous sky at night while waiting on the banks of Ganga.